Forget more DRS, IndyCar has the answer F1 is looking for.

The opening Grand Prix of the 2018 season in Australia saw the addition of third DRS zone for the first time, in an effort to  help overtaking on the historically tough to pass Melbourne circuit.

Of course the FIA and organisers should be commended for trying to address a longstanding problem of the Albert Park circuit.  Sadly come race day the extra DRS zone between turns 12 and 13 had little real impact.

Whilst it was acknowledged early that the zone was not likely to lead to overtaking into turn 13, it was hoped it would allow the following car to close up through the tighter turn 14- 16 section and therefore put them in striking distance on the front straight.

In the end it simply didn’t came to pass and both the home straight and the run down to turn three were not long enough and cars simply couldn’t follow that close behind anyway.

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Have McLaren left Honda too soon?

For a partnership that started with such hope and a rich history, there is no denying that the marriage between McLaren and Honda has been pretty much a disaster for all involved.

In fact things were so bad this season Fernando Alonso decided that it better to skip the F1 Crown Jewel Monaco to race at the equally famous Indy 500.  Of course given he had a Honda engine in the back of that car also, it was not really a surprise when that blew up on him as well.

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